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UE Square: Dino Invasion

Activation, Workshop

Dinosaurs, a creature so merciless yet majestic adored by the young and young-at-heart. Screams of excitement and fear echoed through the high ceilings of UE Square as Tyra the mummy T-Rex made special appearances parading around UE Square, alongside our trusty park ranger.

Participants had the opportunity to live out a paleontology dream through a myriad of specially curated dinosaur-themed fun activities, stage performances including witness the birth of a newborn baby dinosaur and face-to-face encounters with the prehistoric creatures.

Blending the mixture of knowledge and play, participants got to expand their dino knowledge through a series of engaging hands-on experience to dig and uncover fossils, feed a dinosaur, and name-match dinosaur species.

Workshops such as dig & discover, hatch a dino, and dino painting kept the hands of our little ones very busy. Pose and capture the perfect dino rawr-ing moment at the photo op corner and participants could walk away with $200 UE Mall vouchers.

We saw over 1,500 footfall in a 5-hour event and successfully gas out ranger entry passes and goodie bags to the first 500 registered participants, in just under 30 minutes from the start of event!

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