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Aperia Kopitiam

3D Creative Installation, Visual Design, Workshop

Kopitiam, a culture deeply intertwined in locals for generations. This set forth as our key inspiration to design and transform the atrium of Aperia Mall, with client’s vision to combine both Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day campaigns into one.

The instagrammable pop-up is designed to create fun and evoke the feeling of nostalgia with a splash of pop-art personality.

Step into Aperia Kopitam through a vintage metal gate, walk on mosaic-patterned flooring, pose with a long spouted kettle and evaporated milk tins and caption something with kopi-o-siew dai on socials. A kopitiam marble table set styled with traditional breakfast props makes another #instaworthy moment with family and friends. Capture the perfect boomberang moment on the double swing designed for lovers, post it up on Instagram and score a pair of movie tickets for date night.

Weekend workshops such as miniature dreamscape fountain and manekineko bag were part of the programme to engage shoppers. Shoppers with qualified spend were invited to participate in a photo hunt challenge to spot the missing item from the pop-up with a chance to win $1000 cash.

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